Regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, disability or life situation,

"We are ALL Woven Into The FABRIC OF AMERICA"

A FREE, easy-to-participate, inspirational, educational life lesson




Encourage your students, faculty, parents and organizational members to sign special fabric panel(s) shipped to you in FREE kit.  Sign up here


Pass fabric panels from classroom to classroom and/or display on tables in cafeteria, common area, school/sports events etc.


Have students, parent volunteers and/or staff supervise the panel signings. $1.00 donation for each signature is appreciated to help make positive differences in the lives of people dealing with debilitating diseases, disabilities and military sacrifice/hardship.

Target Goal:

250+ minimum signatures per panel, $1.00 donation per signature 

$250 minimum donation per panel to help bring a little joy to their lives and let them know we care and support them.

  1. Celebrate Unity & Inclusiveness

  2. Help Set a World Record AND

  3. Highlight Diversity to Help People Overcome Adversity
    • Those dealing with debilitating illnesses
    • Aiding the disabled/disadvantaged
    • Helping military families in need


125,000 signatures
($1.00 per signature) to raise $125,000+
to help people facing adversity

through diversity

"Chills, Cheers & Tears™ Moments
You & They Will Never Forget"

oEasy to Participate,

No Cost to Schools or Organizations

Please try to get 250+ signatures
per flag panel AND
raise $250+ in donations


We would respectfully request that you
sign up NOW but no later than 3/31/20
Return panel & donations no later than 6/15/20
to help people overcome adversity



How your valuable donations help
make wishes come true for people facing adversity

"Chills, Cheers & Tears™ Moments You & They Will Never Forget

About Us

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The Charity Stripe® is a 501(c)(3) is a non-profit organization (26-0875042) founded in 2009 dedicated to raising funds for deserving charitable recipients. Our vision/passion is to create a strong "Community of Caring" that enables, empowers and inspires Americans, especially young Americans, to use their skills and talents to make life changing differences to military families, people seeking comfort and a cure from debilitating diseases, first responders and the  disabled/disadvantaged. Because no matter our age, race, gender, religion, culture, disabilities or life situations, we're all woven into the fabric of America.

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